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To col•lab•o•rate: Work jointly or cooperate traitorously?

July 30, 2014

TWS23.600.collaborationOur latest Time Well Spent cartoon got me thinking about workplace collaboration. In case you haven’t heard, Workforce Central 7 has social collaboration built in to help employees, um, collaborate. Then I looked up the definition, and got 2:

  1. work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.
  2. cooperate traitorously with an enemy.

We hear the word collaborate quite a bit, and it’s with positive connotation like the 7 Dwarfs working together literally in harmony, but is that how you collaborate? Not every dwarf is good at the group singing thing. My morning’s research found a Salesforce Rypple infographic titled, Is Poor Collaboration Killing Your Company? It’s worth a look to help all of us determine if we’re doing it right, and if our own collaboration style is to “work jointly” or “cooperate traitorously.” At the bottom of the infographic, the importance of knowing the difference is summarized nicely:

“The most successful companies break down the barriers that kill collaboration. If your employees are not working together as harmoniously as they could be, now is the time to find out why – and fix it.

So… How do you collaborate?


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