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5 years of work is 39 in cat years

July 28, 2014

Readers of this space know Terri Edkins from her guest posts on change, loons, and of course cats, among other things. Sunday at 1:38 AM I received this email. I have no idea what these people were doing up at that hour, except that they are self-described as inspired.

terri 5

I actually read the message Sunday night after dinner, so to “make today special” I raised my beer, and took a celebratory sip. Then I thought a bit, and Terri’s accomplishments began to parade across my mind. Terri had a strong start and early success with her customer focus group work in 2009, and the subsequent development of The Experience You Expect for Kronos services. Since then, Terri’s head has been mostly in the cloud, working with our cloud services team, managing cloud customer video testimonials, plus analyst projects quantifying the financial benefits of the Kronos cloud and the cloud customer experience. She also supports our professional services and education teams to create awareness for offerings that help customers get more value from their Kronos investment, like user adoption services. She’s also an annual force for the excellent services content we deliver at KronosWorks.

There are many employees who reach five years in a company, but few deliver continuous value the way Terri does. Oh, and in her spare time, she’s a mentor to many of her colleagues. In my case, she may not realize she’s mentoring. Terri’s a busy girl, but she always has time to walk in my office every single morning to say, “Good morning! How you doing?” Even after 5 years of that, it never gets old. Then we catch up, and make sure we’re focused on the right things for our internal stakeholders. When I think I have all the answers, Terri pushes back, always careful to protect my sensitive male ego. She helps me work smarter.

For all of her contributions professionally and personally to make our whole team better… Thanks, Terri.

5 year cat

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