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I’m in Love with my Car (Workforce)

July 23, 2014

mystery-suvTonight I’m headed to my local Acura dealer to begin exploring a replacement for my 2008 TSX. I love the car, but as it nears 150,000 miles, I don’t want to push my luck on longevity. Their upcoming TLX looks interesting, but it’s a first year model, plus I may be going SUV this time around unless the TLX sedan comes with an ejector seat. I’m not naming any names, and all I’ll say is that it’s not getting any easier for one of my passengers to extract themselves after a long drive… Tonight I’ll check out the Acura RDX and the larger MDX. Any other suggestions?

Like most industries, auto manufacturing is competitive, and car companies look for every advantage they can get along their complex supply chains. Forbes just put out their list of the top 10 global automakers, and the majority of them are Kronos customers. One of them, Agustin Salas, human resources manager for Volkswagen in Mexico said, “We have saved nearly $900,000 through maintenance and overtime control and other efficiencies with Kronos. Kronos enables our plant management to secure accurate and on-time data on labor costs to help improve overall budget management.”

Hmmm… maybe I should check out the VW Touareg.

In other news… We just announced our third quarter results, and of course there was this:

“The Kronos Cloud is experiencing significant growth across all market segments. 77 percent of new customer bookings were from an array of Kronos Cloud offerings, bringing the total number of organizations leveraging the Kronos Cloud to nearly 12,000.”

As an employee, it’s difficult to not sometimes take this continued success for granted. In my 14 years, we’ve grown consistently and profitably from $200 million to over a billion in revenue. It’s been a great ride, and it’s comforting to hear our CEO, Aron Ain say, “the best days are still ahead for Kronos.”

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