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The Weeds Win

July 14, 2014

keyboard weedsNo, I’m not high on the weeds winning in Colorado and Washington. I’m pretty down on the garden weeds that stretch skyward from the soil in my garden no matter what chemical-free weapon I deploy. I weed-whack, and even tilled the entire area, but the weeds get back up every time. Keeping them from overwhelming the few vegetables growing requires constant monitoring and maintenance.

Naturally, as the orange twine spun and the music lessened its drone, my wandering mind equated the whole effort with maintaining an enterprise software system. Weeding, bugs, application of patches and upgrades to keep the thing optimized and secure is an ongoing effort, except much scarier. Yesterday before the weed-athon began, I read Everything is Broken, by Quinn Norton, “a journalist of Hackers, Bodies, Technologies and Internets.” Ms. Norton writes about the vulnerabilities in nearly all software, compounded by administrators and users who are mostly ambivalent to the threat:

“When we tell you to apply updates we are not telling you to mend your ship. We are telling you to keep bailing before the water gets to your neck.”

I highly recommend the article, and for those of you responsible for managing Kronos systems storing sensitive information on your employees, technical advisories in our customer portal is a great place to start to get current on your system maintenance. Of course, Kronos can do all the securing, monitoring, patching and upgrading for you in the cloud. That’ll free you up to weed and fertilize your other critical gardens of information. Just do something, because the weeds always win.

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