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Vacation Hangover Cure

July 8, 2014

Like a regular hangover, the cure to a vacation hangover must be some “hair of the dog that bit me.” In my case from last week, that would be:

  • the beach – ain’t happening, but I am still contemplating that there are 100 Earth-like planets for every grain of sand in the world
  • reading a novel – I’ll rejoin “The Children of Men” later tonight.
  • the world cup – next fix coming up at 4PM ET!
  • dining out – I believe that particular budget line-item may be exhausted for the month…
  • seeing a couple great bands – Sunday night (Play)Joyce and I hung out in Hyannis to see John Hiatt and the Robert Cray Band.

0706141640aAs you can see, I’m still back at the beach, and having a sluggish time transitioning back to (Work)life, but here’s my forced segue… At a casual pre-show dinner in Hyannis, Lou, our very efficient bartender at the excellent Seaside Pub was telling us about working in Vegas, and how crazy it was working at Pure, one of the hottest clubs on the strip. Thanks, Lou… Pure just happens to be where we had our customer blow out for KronosWorks in 2012!  I’m pretty sure that was more fun than they expected, but now our customers do expect that kind of fun, and this year we’re back in Vegas, baby! That’s right! And you can save $300 if you register in the next 10 days!


Yep. the Big Lebowski of workforce management is November 9-12 at the ARIA Resort in Las Vegas! Maybe we can get John Hiatt to play…

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