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Change is Inevitable, But it Doesn’t Have to be Hard

July 2, 2014

Mr. Smarter Café is on vacation and completely off the grid this week, so here’s another guest blog by Terri Edkins, Senior Services Marketing Manager at Kronos. Thanks, Terri.


emailThe first outreach came via email. “Was I the same Terri she used to work with?”  Yes, I was and sure I’d love to meet.  I looked forward to the conversation, the connection, to catching up with an old friend after all these years.   And yet, so much is different from when we first met.  So much has changed in my life and I’m pretty sure the same will hold true for her.


What if that friend-chemistry, the easy-we-can-talk-about anything openness, is gone?  Would the changes that life inevitably brings render us tongue tied? After all, what’s worse than a dinner without the dinner conversation?  I didn’t want the evening to be awkward.

No worries:  we easily picked right up where we left off and enjoyed a warm, wonderful reunion.   I hope to see her again soon.

Not all changes disappear into the background this easily.  Change can be disruptive and the ramifications can run deep.  And how does this relate to workforce management software?  Well, if your organization is moving from a paper-based manual system to a fully automated one, the changes for your employees might be uncomfortable and difficult to absorb.  Kronos can help make it easier for them and for you.  Check out this white paper on  Change Management to get some guidance how to prepare for the challenges of implementing a new product.  So you can pick up right where you left off.

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