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Building a fan base brick by brick

July 1, 2014

Mr. Smarter Café is on vacation and completely off the grid this week, so here’s another guest blog by Melissa Spinella, Services Marketing Manager at Kronos. Thanks, Melissa.

CLMMy husband and I love Maine and when we get to do an overnight, we always stay in Kennebunkport at the Captain Lord Mansion, CLM for those of us “in the know”, a Sea Captain’s house built in 1812. The inn has been beautifully restored and decorated over the past 36 years by Innkeepers/Owners Rick and Bev. While the inn is large, with ample managers, housekeeping and culinary staff, the owners are extremely hands-on and always make themselves available.

They truly value their guests and show their appreciation for your loyalty. After your first visit, with each subsequent visit you are greeted with a tray of homemade cookies. On your 5th visit, you get a special present (ours was a hand-blown glass candle holder). But the coup de grâce comes on your 10th visit with your own personalized brick in their memory garden walkway.


There are hundreds of them so far all thanks to two people who strive to make EVERY visit special. Their hospitality and genuine nature make it hard to even consider staying anywhere else – trust me, every time I start researching other places, we always end up going back to CLM. Truth is, we want that brick. We want to continue our traditions of lazy evenings with a bottle of wine and Yahtzee in the media room, and late night trips up to the Cupola. We know what to expect and we know to expect excellence.

That’s how I like to think of Kronos for our customers – providing them everything they might need in terms of workforce management and providing it with a human touch by people who truly care. Hey, we’ve even won an award for it! I see the customer quotes from our surveys praising individuals who go above and beyond every day. I see all the new releases and great strategic products created to fit the needs of our customers. I see all the great content and resources we provide on the Kronos Customer Portal. And, of course, I see how our Cloud Services give the full experience – they do the “dirty work” while customers focus on the things that matter most to their business. These “visits” with Kronos are an opportunity for us to wow our customers, to give them the experience they expect. They don’t have to wait for their 10th visit to reap all the benefits out of Kronos!

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