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Some Rules You Just Have to Follow

June 30, 2014
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right wrongMr. Smarter Café is on vacation and completely off the grid this week, so here’s another guest blog by Terri Edkins, Senior Services Marketing Manager at Kronos.  Thanks, Terri.

As a child I don’t remember too many rules and regulations. Maybe that’s because I was the “only” one for 5+ years. Then again, when my four siblings joined the family, and chaos reigned supreme, there still weren’t many constraints placed upon us. Maybe it was my mother’s laissez-faire approached to parenting or maybe she was just plain overwhelmed (and yes, this was the era where dad worked all day and night and mother was the primary caretaker and disciplinarian). It could have turned out badly for me, but as the oldest my birth order guaranteed that I’d be responsible, reliable, conscientious and cautious. As I entered my teen years, these characteristics would cause me all kinds of angst as I struggled to both fit in with my peers while also adhering to the rules of common sense and courtesy. My mother’s advice: “you know how to act: you were raised to do the right thing.” Ugh. Complying with an internal code of ethics is sometimes tortuous, but it’s a good life lesson at any age.

I bought my first car when I was a senior in college and six weeks away from graduation. I needed transportation, but I had a part-time job, little money and no credit (and yes, this was the era before credit card offers just came in the mail). Luckily, my uncle co-signed my car loan–at a 14% interest rate–but with one condition: I had to promise to wear my seatbelt. If I couldn’t comply with this condition, he couldn’t in good conscience guarantee my loan. You know what? I promised I would and I always have.

Compliance is not a bad thing. Organizations in the United States are currently developing plans to comply with the Affordable Care Act. Determining the optimal strategy starts with analyzing their full-time/part-time employee mix and how changes to that mix may affect critical business outcomes. Kronos has developed a report, based on reliable and accurate data, that can help you with your ACA compliance strategy — without compromising service levels, workforce satisfaction, or bottom-line results. We’re helping make it easy for you to follow the rules.

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