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Missing work from World Cup fever

June 26, 2014

Soccer NoteI had planned a “Work From Home” day today so I could spend my (extended) lunch watching the US Fútbol team in their World Cup match against Germany. Then I got this from US coach, Jürgen Klinsmann, so I’m covered. I never played, but I fell in love with the game in a UK pub back in 2001. I’ve written about “the beautiful game” a few times over in (Play)blog-land, including Top Ten reasons Futbol (Soccer) rocks (and a few why it um, doesn’t), One Score and Four Years Ago, and The World’s Field is Flat. In that one, I wrote:

“So, will the US catch up to the rest of the world? I hope so because “fútbol” is a beautiful game and may be the social sport thread that weaves the fabric of today’s global economy. US businesspeople can easily talk baseball or football with their US peers, but what do they talk about with international partners? Executives from England, India and China don’t even know who Tom Brady or Peyton Manning are. If you can’t talk about Thierry Henry and Adriano, you may not get into the global “Old Boys Club.” If William Friedman is correct that “The World Is Flat,” then we’d better understand and embrace its game.”

World Cup EmailThat’s important for Kronos as we bend our cloud into Brasil, and  every other fútbol pitch around the world. It’s challenging to get thousands of employees thinking globally, but there’s a huge demand for workforce management solutions world-wide, so we’re working hard to meet it. Maybe that’s why “Corporate Services” (Thanks, whoever you are!) sent this email out yesterday. Hey, we also have offices and employees across the globe who are missing work still have teams in the tournament, including México, Brasil, Belgium, Deutschland, France, Nederlands, and the United Ki… No, wait. Here’s a sign some of their fans were seen holding… Ouch.

arriving after elimination




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