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This is Your Brain on Medici

June 24, 2014

Frans Johansson quoteI’m into mind expansion. No, not in the “back in college” way, but more of a “feed your head” approach. Wait, I guess that’s a drug reference, too. Maybe I just need a vacation. What I mean is to feed your head with lots and lots of data… Words, sounds, aromas, images, lights, sensations of touch. People. The more variety you toss into the blender in your head, the better chance of uniqueness pouring out. I remember years ago when I was a young corporate puppy, tail wagging excitedly, a night course completely unrelated to what I did for a living spawned ideas to apply at work. In 2006, Frans Johansson gave the phenomena a name with his book, The Medici Effect. In a short Innovation Hub segment, Mr. Johansson said the Medici effect “refers to the notion that we have the best chance of creating groundbreaking ideas when we combine concepts from different fields, cultures, industries and disciplines.”

a fly went by
caught my eye
wiped my mind

I wrote that a few years ago after a fly interrupted a long negative train of thought while yard working. I see it as a similar effect to Medici. Anything that changes your perspective broadens and improves you. Even a fly. Or bacon. Later in the interview, Mr. Johansson encourages us to get out of our comfort zones and feed our head with different. He recommends reading magazines you wouldn’t normally, then thinking about how concepts in them might apply to aspects of your life or profession. You can do the same by meeting new people, trying different cuisine, watching a movie genre you usually avoid, or listening to some artist you’ve never heard of. In my opinion, just the introduction of the new stimuli will result in broader, more creative thinking. And a bigger better head.

Oh, sorry. Were you waiting for the Kronos tie-in? Hmmm… Let’s go with big head data.

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