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Letters from Kronos nurses to their younger selves

June 18, 2014
Mom at her Nursing School graduation in 1976.

Mom at her Nursing School graduation in 1976.

As an RN, I think my mom just missed the camaraderie of hanging out with other nurses, so she ended up back in the hospital, this time at Lowell (MA) General. I watched the US-Ghana World Cup game with Mom on Monday evening, and from what I observed, and heard from her, the care was quite good. The nurses were personable, and the communication among them and between them and their patients was notable. Working in healthcare is both physically and emotionally challenging, but engaged nurses have a profound effect on the customer (patient) experience. Mom’s current experience reminded me of our Kronos for Healthcare services team, and the passion they have for helping nurses provide excellent patient care. If you’d like to hear more of their stories, there are several “Kronos Nurses “Letters to Self” over on our Time to Care blog. Reading some of these letters helps me understand why my mom feels right at home in a hospital bed…

  • “This journey requires your best walking shoes because you will always be a nurse!”Gaylyn Timiney MSN, RN
  • ‘There will be days when you want to scream, cry, laugh, throw your hands in the air and even quit. DON’T! It will all be worthwhile when a patient or family member looks you in the eye and says “Thank You.”’ Terra Johnson MSN, BSN, RN
  • “Appreciate the relationships and the contributions of those around you – they will ultimately shape and define you as a nurse leader.”Jocie Strong MSN, RN, PCCN
  • “Your nights will be long and shifts may seem endless, but when it is all said and done, that extra 5 minutes you spend to comfort a patient or hold a hand while someone passes will come to be the times you will never forget.”Chris Haviland MS, BSN, RN
  • “The lives you touch and those who touch you will teach you that regardless of our skills and certifications, taking the time to listen, to be there for our patients and to truly understand their struggles are some of the most important things a nurse can do.”Megan Schramm BBA, RN, CNOR, RNFA
  • “Don’t forget to add a little “you” time back into your life…but you probably won’t…because you’re a nurse.”Steve Delp MSN, RN

Steve is so right. Mom, thank you, and get better. It’s time for a little “you” time.

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  1. June 18, 2014 11:40 am

    Thanks for the reminder on the positive impact nurses have on all of us everyday.

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