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A Tale of Two Worlds

June 13, 2014

Mr. Smarter Café is out today, ruining a good walk. Either Mark Twain or Oscar Wilde said that, but I agree with whoever wrote in the Urban Dictionary that it’s “called golf because all the other four letter words were taken.” Anyway, here’s another guest blog by Terri Edkins, Senior Services Marketing Manager at Kronos. It’s a story about Lakes and Loons and Kronos jobs… Thanks, Terri.

I’m a very lucky girl. During the summer months I spend every weekend and vacation day here…


…on an island where there are no roads and no cars and the only sounds you hear at night are the haunting calls of the Loons. During the daylight hours we’re captivated by the pair of bald eagles –and their offspring–that have successfully lived and bred on the island for many, many years.

Eagle(Or frightened, like when they show up on your neighbor’s deck. And that’s a baby–you can tell because his/her head hasn’t turned white yet–with very big talons, and well, eagle eyes that stare you down. I backed, um, ran off quickly.) It’s truly a special place; the kind where everyone knows your name, where children grow up together and then often marry, and where cottages are passed down through the generations. It’s sometimes hard for me to come back to my suburban life after being there.

But you know what? Kronos is like that too. It’s a community that cares about each other and that comes from the top. My first week here, I headed for the elevator at the end of the day. Aron, our CEO, poked his head out the copy room (seriously, how many CEOs do you know that frequent the copy room?) and called out to me to have a good night. I was hooked by the culture and I’ve never been disappointed. So as tough as it is to leave my little slice of paradise, I’m grateful that I get to come to work here. Kronos is hiring: won’t you join us?

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