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Cloud Computing 101 and 301

June 12, 2014
by Andy Rash in the New York Times

by Andy Rash in the New York Times

It seems everyone is interacting with the cloud these days, and have been for quite some time, even if they’re not aware of it. Yeah, Mom, that AOL mail you’ve had since the 90’s? Cloud. Did you ever steal music using Napster? Cloud. Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Cat videos on YouTube? Cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud. Still, when it comes to enterprise software – applications organizations use to automate stuff like marketing, sales lead processing, manufacturing processes, inventory management, resource planning, and workforce management, many non-techies still don’t have their arms completely around the cloud. Luckily for you, my minions (me) scour the cloud for stuff on the cloud. Today it’s:

Cloud Computing 101A Layman’s Guide to Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing 301New York Times Special Section: Cloud Computing

The layman’s guide provides a plain definition:

“Simply stated, cloud computing occurs when you are using a desktop computer, notebook, tablet or phone attached to an Internet carrier and you access some sort of computer application or data storage located at a central location referred to as The Cloud.”

At Kronos, we have choices for cloud computing, too:

Kronos Cloud 101 - Workforce Ready

Kronos Cloud 301 - Workforce Central Cloud Services






Now I’m off to consume that special section in the Times…

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