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Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Servants

June 9, 2014

This is a guest blog by Terri Edkins, a Senior Services Marketing Manager at Kronos. Even when she’s out enjoying a vacation day, she contributes…

JazzThere’s no doubt about it. This cat—Jazz—has me wrapped around, well, his paw. It’s a relationship cat owners or should I say, cat servants, know all about. He’s fed on a regular schedule and lets me know if I miss the appointed feeding time. I clean up after him (‘nuff said). I brush him until his coat shines and the cat gets more regular manicures and pedicures than I do. Even his health and dental plan is better than mine! I fully confess to serving his every need and he responds in kind: he follows me around like a dog, engages in animated conversation, and sleeps glued to my side every night.

But isn’t that what happens when you nurture a relationship, whether it’s with a partner, friend, customer, or even a pet? What goes around comes around. If you treat people (or even animals) with respect and strive to do the right thing, the goodwill finds its way back to you.

Kronos cloud infographicWe introduced Kronos Cloud Services several years ago and have always worked very hard to provide a reliable, secure hosting environment staffed by knowledgeable experts for our Workforce Central customers. And, if the results of this survey are any indication, we’re succeeding. IT managers listed these top five benefits:

  • Easier to upgrade
  • Better reliability because the solution is off-site
  • Application is more up to date and current
  • Faster time to implementation and use
  • Get more out of the solution due to Kronos expertise

And IT staff? They don’t have to spend time on mundane tasks, upgrades are easier, and they have more free time to spend on other strategic projects. Sounds like a good consequence to me. After all, what’s better than happy and engaged employees?

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