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Save on KronosWorks by Spending on KronosWorks!

June 4, 2014

One nice thing about warmer weather is that the volume and weight of required clothing decreases, and like it or not, everyone feels free to show more skin… Speaking of warm weather, Saturday night I picked up (Play)Joyce for dinner, and she looked beautiful. Her thin white “top” elicited a compliment to which she responded, “Oh, it’s my favorite. It’s like a hundred dollar top, but I only paid $30.” My girl… the bargain shopper. I’m always amazed how much money she “saves” by spending…

KW videoYou can too. That’s right! Kronos customers can save $300 by registering for KronosWorks by July 18th! This year’s hoedown is November 9-12 at the ARIA Resort in Las Vegas! We just released new videos describing the Expo, technical courses, iSeries, and Workforce Telestaff. Just be warned, it was still cold when we recorded these, plus the camera adds like 15 pounds…

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