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Why You Hate Work (but I don’t)

June 3, 2014

Good Job“I don’t hate work.” Terri said that pretty emphatically about five minutes ago in my office, but not enough to merit an exclamation point. Maybe she’s not engaged as I thought… The Sunday New York Times featured Why You Hate Work, a pretty basic primer on employee engagement. I find it astonishing that just 30% Americans feel engaged at work, and globally, the number is a “Take this job and shove it “13 percent. For Kronos in 2014, our overall “legacy engagement index” was measured at 77%. The Global High Performing Company Norm is just two points higher. We work at this stuff, and that number has increased 16 points over the last five years! Anyway, working for a company you can be proud of and being energized in a job are just a couple reasons to check out Kronos.

For me, job satisfaction comes from Terri and Melissa, (Work)Joyce and others, plus the fact that while 70% percent of employees cited in the NYT article don’t have regular time for creative or strategic thinking while at work, I’m not one of them.

Now if I could just nail the focus thing.

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  1. Chris K permalink
    June 3, 2014 11:20 am

    This is an interesting subject. I would suspect most kronites to be very involved, and engaged with teams that allow them to feel successful in the initiative of the business, however, when in a contract perspective, you build all this cool stuff, and go away. This can be difficult with many personalities. We DO have an enormous impact. I am completely “engaged” on the current project. Yet, focused on the problem, or presenting a solution to based on needs, or requirements. There is much personal gratification providing these services.

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