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Data Mining Your Brain

May 28, 2014

Kronos Cloud AdOccasionally I’ll be out there on the interwebs researching my next digital blathering when I see an ad like this one for the Kronos cloud. Why? Well, it’s because I spend so much time on Kronos cloud pages. My presence is captured because I’m interested, then through some internet hocus pocus, I’m served up the ad when I’m on some unrelated site. The point is, we really are relentlessly tracked in cyberspace.

The soundtrack of my morning commute yesterday was the Marketplace Tech report on NPR. I can’t find the story recording, and now 24 hours later, I have only an evaporating recollection of it. It was about these internet algorithms, and it got me thinking about how they’re used everywhere to:

When the segment ended, I heard this. It is the soundtrack circle of my life.


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