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Dinosaurs in SaaSWorld III – Engineered DNA

May 21, 2014


by Dave Bort - Dinosaur Comics

by Dave Bort – Dinosaur Comics

I love this ZDNet story by Larry Dignan, Enterprise giants and cloud computing: What’s cloudwashing vs. real DNA change? I wouldn’t characterize Kronos as an “enterprise giant,” but we are the 800 pound raptor in workforce management, and we’re taking that dinosaur to the cloud. Previously, on Dinosaurs in SaaSWorld, I wrote about the options for getting Kronos and our thousands of customers into the cloud, followed by a look at how the transition to cloud can potentially create significant business change for a software provider like Kronos. I have to say, we’re managing it very well. We just surpassed 11,000 cloud deployments, and won a customer satisfaction award for the 14th straight year, all while hitting a billion dollars in revenue and continuing to grow profitability.

Still, there’s more work to do. As Mr. Dignan notes, “To know whether the cloud has changed the DNA of large enterprise companies you’ll have to watch what they do and how they behave over time.”

Stay tuned.

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