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Work Inspired… at Kronos

May 16, 2014

cakeYesterday most of Marketing held a 20th anniversary surprise party for Joanne Johansen, our Senior Executive Assistant. Joanne supports all of us, but she’s the “go to” person for our CEO and CMO. Yeah, she’s a busy girl. The four “P’s” of Marketing that come to mind when I think of Joanne are professional, poised, personable, and perfectly put together. Yep, she’s an impeccable dresser… CMO Jim Kizielewicz said all of these things and more, and then added, “I know you probably don’t want to speak.” Joanne smiled politely, then wrestled the microphone away from her boss. Her words were beautiful and heartfelt. She described working for Aron and Jim a “dream job” that she’s looked forward to every day for 20 years. Joanne said she was proud to work with people of such high ethical standards. She used the words “love” and “family” several times describing her Kronos experience, and thanked everyone in the room personally for contributing to it…

Joanne and most of us at Kronos “Work Inspired” because our culture is driven by strong ethics, focus on family, and a love of what we do. It’s hard to explain, but like Joanne, these employees can do it better than me. If their stories resonate, see if one of our 130+ open positions inspires you.

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