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Only You Can Prevent IT Fires

May 13, 2014

Fire Danger Low“Go Ask Alyce” was my instinctive title for this post, but as our vice president and general counsel, I think she eschews headlines. Anyway, we met in the elevator this morning, and talked Bruins (very briefly), personal privacy, and riding the elevator with Jay-Z. We then drifted to sensationalism in our news and culture. Alyce relayed a story a medical intern shared with her about heart surgeons getting hugs from patients while internists prescribing medication to prevent surgery in the first place get no such love… It’s the drama. We humans love the drama. Alyce doesn’t like drama. Drama usually is not good for companies. “My job is to prevent fires from starting.”

That got me thinking about the customer experience of using our software. Sure, we have Kronos Support Services in case a fire starts in a database, interface, or application, but we do our best to prevent fires from starting in the first place by developing solid products like Workforce Central and Workforce Ready. We also help customers with implementation so their system is configured to work smoothly while supporting their specific business rules and processes. Training helps users get the most out of the software without causing a fire, plus technical training helps IT staff to maintain the system so everything stays cool. Then there’s Kronos in the cloud. Have you ever seen a fire in a cloud? Of course not. That’s because Kronos professionals do all the system support to keep your system running well and not on fire. That way your IT people can focus on preventing fires in your in-house critical systems.

Thanks to Alyce in legal for the inspiration today. When I got into my office, (Work)Joyce said, “I saw you talking to Alyce. What did you do now?”

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