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KronosLIVE! With more Cowbell!

May 9, 2014
Jeff Norris of Kronos opens up KronosLIVE! in Charlotte, NC

Jeff Norris of Kronos opens up KronosLIVE! in Charlotte, NC

Prior to my arrival in Charlotte Wednesday, I was advised a good dinner choice would involve more Cowbell. It was a good call, plus it gave me the opportunity to walk a bit “uptown” as they call it. At the opening session yesterday morning, I met Dollie Gamble from Princeton Community Hospital in West Virginia. Dollie has been managing their Workforce Central system (and several others) going back to about version 4.2! She’s taken every training class there is to take, and she does everything from interfaces to reporting to configuring pay and work rule changes. Dollie is just the kind of person Kronos customers can meet at our local KronosLIVE events. Oh, and off the record, she let slip that she spoils her grandchildren…

After that, the day got a little weird for me, although I enjoyed the round of customer applause when they heard Workforce Central is now Java-free for about 78% of desktop users! There were also many questions on the upcoming reporting enhancements in Workforce Central 7. Tim Ozirsky’s session on our customer portal, was fantastic, but I was puzzled to learn only one person in the room used HR/Payroll Answerforce within it, and that only about 1/3 of the audience were using KnowledgePass. I thought, “someone’s not doing their job…” Oh, wait. Nevermind. Fortunately, during a presentation by Allan Crookenden of REXAM about their Kronos cloud experience, there was a ton of interest, and many questions. There were also many customers in the session on user adoption. More and more, enterprise software users are realizing the importance of change management and user adoption as keys to implementation success.

By the end of the day, and about 5-6 sessions attended, I had a pounding headache. I think I may have caught a stray bullet from one of those PowerPoints… At the airport, I was doing the “boarding pass on the phone” thing for the first time. I handed my license to the TSA agent and showed him the screen. “Face down right there,” he said. So I bent over like I was in a pie-eating contest, and began to peer onto the glass plate. Laughing, he said, “Sir, the phone.” I was glad to be going home.

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  1. May 10, 2014 9:05 am

    I was in attendance in Charlotte as well, and I agree that I couldn’t believe how few people were using KnowledgePass – I am in there a couple times a week! However, I had never heard of AnswerForce, perhaps because I am not in HR or payroll? The session on user adoption covered a lot of what we learned the hard way during our implementation, and gave us great ideas for ongoing training and support.

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