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Workforce Racquetball

May 7, 2014
Leo-Paulie Raquetball

Leo-Paulie Raquetball battle circa 2002

Racquetball was an expensive sport for me. It wasn’t the club fees, but rare milliseconds of fury that transformed tautly strung racquets into something resembling a limp fishing net. It’s funny (strange) that I never smashed a racquet in a league match. No, that display of childishness (or escaping inner demons) only occurred in “friendly” matches with my nemesis, “Paulie.” He was a quick, wisecracking Jersey Boy, so he knew all the angles. I was a hammer, and being new to the sport, everything looked like a nail. With competitive fire fueling me, I’d force my “catcher’s legs,” as Paulie described them, across the court to slam a shot, only to be out of position as he “dinked” one into a distant low corner to win the point. Through weeks of drubbings (always recounted by Paulie for our Kronos co-workers the next day), I slowly improved my technique, learned the geometry, and then ran his smokers butt all over that box until his lungs burned and his skinny legs were leaden. That evened things out, and we enjoyed furious, drenching workouts for months. Yeah, a couple of my racquets perished, but our friendship survived.

So what does this have to do with the price of racquets on Amazon? Well, coincidentally, the New York Health & Racquet Club just deployed Workforce Central in our Kronos Cloud!  This will provide NYH&RC “the benefits of having Kronos perform all configuration, maintenance, and upgrades, allowing their IT department to focus on other priorities.” So yeah, that.

With nine locations across New York City, I bet they’ve seen some busted racquets in their 40 years. Oh, and here are a couple guys that really know how to play…

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