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May 2, 2014
Thomas Lah, Executive Director - TSIA

Thomas Lah, Executive Director – TSIA

Yesterday the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) held their TSIA Service 50 Q1 2014 webinar with Executive Director, Thomas Lah. The Service 50 is a Dow Jones-like average that tracks the revenue and profit trends of top public technology companies and their service businesses. It is an outstanding primer on the state and direction of the tech services industry. This quarter, Mr. Lah also looked at:

  • How business models for hardware and software companies are shifting.
  • The growing influence of cloud computing on the financial results of the S50.

The numbers were interesting, with pressure on revenue and margins for about ½ the companies. What really interested me is Mr. Lah’s commentary on the transformation of the services mix necessary for tech companies like Kronos. For me, this nailed it during the Q&A:

“The game is about consumption and adoption. You’re only going to grow if your customers need more… More users, more modules, more features… How do I get them to use more?” Mr. Lah went on to suggest the services value proposition is moving to customers wanting services providers to “Help me with consumption… help me with adoption… help me extract more value…”

That’s why we have cloud services so customers can focus more on simply using their software, KnowledgePass so they can continually do more with their software, and user adoption services to help organizations get more value from employees fully using their software.

More on this later…

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