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500 dingers ain’t what they used to be

April 28, 2014

Writing and PED'sLast week, Albert Pujols of the Anaheim Angels hit his 500th career home run, and to me, his accomplishment seemed to lack the fanfare afforded sluggers of the past. I thought, “it’s the ‘roids.” After years of scandal associated with big boppers like Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, and Alex Rodriguez (among many others), are baseball journalists and fans just more wary and less impressed with the juiced up numbers? Still, after the game, opposing manager, Matt Williams said, “That’s a lot of balls over the fence.”

It is, but the Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) era will forever taint the players of it, and I believe it’s here to stay. PED’s are a part of our culture and leaks into all of it like the last drop falling from the tip of a syringe. “Mother’s Little Helper” (Prozac) is now commonplace, and available for Dad (Viagra), and Junior (Adderall) cramming for finals…

As I mark the 500th blog post here today, I must admit to the PED use that helped me get here… Oh, and I was using while I whacked 853 in the (Play)Blog league, including an exposé on Babe Ruth’s steroid use

  • Caffeine – Most of this writing happens between 0600 and 0700 lubricated with a cuppa Joe… In fact, I doubt I’ve written anything here NOT under the influence of caffeine.
  • Alcohol – The drug of choice for many writers, my belief is that anything that alters your perspective is a plus for stringing words together.
  • Nicotine – Hey, just the occasional summer night cigar, but again, the perspective thing. Plus, a cigar puffs make beautiful clouds
  • Endorphins – I love getting high at the gym. It always spurs ideas and connections between my life experiences and the brand I amplify here.
  • Love – Or a lack of it can drive a writer to the highs and lows of the creative spectrum. It’s the most powerful PED, but PED’s or not, I simply love to write.

Besides… with a nod to Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post for originating this twist, “500 is still a lot of posts over the fence.”

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