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A Mobile Balance of Work and Life (Un équilibre mobile de travail et de vie)

April 15, 2014

185The French didn’t really legislate against tech workers answering work emails after 6PM, but it seemed a good story at the time. I think the French get quite a bit about life right, and the story does call into question the issue of our my “always on” connected lives life. Last week I took vacation days Thursday and Friday to drive Hans Solo 1,500 miles South. Day 1, I stopped for gas a couple times, but didn’t find a hotel motel room till near midnight. Something about a NASCAR race at Darlington… As I finally laid in bed waiting for the 16 hours of highway vibrations to subside, LED light shone data my way. I deleted many of the 185 intruders, and ignored the rest. I’m too connected, but mobile apps do provide some work-life balance. Friday morning in the Summerton (SC) Diner, I sat among the locals and pecked out that days blog, Metamorphosis. Yeah, it was a day off, but the thought of missing a day and potentially ceding my blogging domination to (Work)Joyce would have upset my work-ego balance, so I did what I had to do.

In many industries employees just do what they have to do to get the job done. Sometimes the work and life boundaries blur. Having a mobile app for WordPress allowed me to sit and eat with my iPad, mixing bits and grits to get a little work done. Workforce Mobile and Workforce Ready Mobile give Kronos users easy to use apps to get important tasks of their job done so they can visit mom, see their child’s ballgame, or make that doctor’s appointment.

It’s important to disconnect once in a while, but while we do what we gotta do, mobile technology gives us flexibility to balance busy work and personal lives, or in my case, to just battre le boss…

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