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“7.1 million folks have health insurance.”

April 10, 2014
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original“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” That phrase is often attributed to Mark Twain, but it appears the phrase originated in an article by Leonard H. Courtney. I do try to research facts for my posts, and present them in an objective manner, unlike this graphic presented by a major news organization just prior to the March 31 deadline.

It seems the political war over the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare” as some tried to ominously spin it, may now be winding down. Another “trial” (the 2012 mid-term elections) of the legislation will be held in November, but Republicans and Democrats will need to carefully measure how their positions will translate (or not) into votes. After the end of the sign-up period, the department of Health and Human Services and the White House announced that 7.1 million people had signed up for health insurance. Queue the cable wars…

Bottom line: Large Employers Need to Be Counting ACA Hours. Check out our ACA resource center, and check out this hilarious look at the cable skirmish after the 7.1M number was announced. You just have to laugh.

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