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The 40th most important person in cloud computing

April 9, 2014

top 40Here’s a cool Business Insider article, “The 39 Most Important People In Cloud Computing.” 39? I don’t get it. I guess it’s catchy, but I’d like to add a self-serving 40th. I know, Kronos isn’t thought of as a “cloud company,” yet… I don’t get that. Workforce Ready is our hot-selling SaaS solution, plus we’ve been moving Workforce Central customers to the cloud since 2006. For that, Dan is my pick for the 40th most important person in cloud computing. He partnered with our salesforce (no pun intended) starting way back then to help sell our first 65 cloud deals. He’s still doing it today. Thanks, Dan.

Of course, Dan wasn’t alone in that effort, and nor is he now. Back then, Tom, Bill and Fred cranked up and ran the cloud. Today we have hundreds of employees working on cloud, and thousands of customers there. Here are the latest Workforce Central customers going live in our private cloud:

Customer Business Industry Employees Type Go-Live
Specialty Automotive Equipment S&D 16,000 Upgrade 3/24/2014
Party planning Manufacturing 500 Upgrade 3/26/2014
Athletic Apparel Retail 1,800 Upgrade 3/26/2014
Transportaton Public Sector 5,000 Upgrade 3/31/2014
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 1,000 New 4/1/2014
Public Health Public Sector 600 Upgrade 4/2/2014
City Government Public Sector 300 Upgrade 4/4/2014
Packaged Baked Goods Manufacturing 11,000 Upgrade 4/6/2014
Digital Services S&D 4,000 Upgrade 4/6/2014
Wire and coatings Manufacturing 1,200 Upgrade 4/7/2014
Paper Manufacturing 500 Upgrade 4/7/2014
City Government Public Sector 1,700 Upgrade 4/7/2014
City Utility Public Sector 700 Upgrade 4/9/2014

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