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Golf on the list of priorities…

April 7, 2014

CallawayYesterday was a “nice” day in New England. I saw our local driving range packed with the faithful spraying golf balls from about 100 tees, some were even hitting ‘em straight. I was on my way to visit recuperating Mom, and to pick up my brother’s car. I’ll be driving it (hopefully straight) 1,490 miles beginning on Thursday to assist bro in his move South. On our last phone call, he asked me to pack a few things for him:

  1. Golf Clubs
  2. Golf Shoes
  3. Beach chairs
  4. iPod power cord

That’s it. Everybody has their priorities, and like many, golf is high on the list. It’s that time of year when we can stop cursing the snow, and start cursing the “Snowman.”I grabbed his bag from the shed at Mom’s, and one stick stood out. “Big Bertha.” The famous driver has been around since 1991 when Callaway Golf gripped it and ripped it. Speaking of Callaway, they’re a new customer of ours, and they’ll be deploying Workforce Central in our private cloud. That will allow them to focus on making golf equipment to help their customers hit ‘em straight.

Everybody has their priorities.


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  1. Your daughter permalink
    April 8, 2014 6:24 am

    You’re a fantastic writer, dad.

    Everyone has their priorities. I wish mine could be listed under four bullet points. But, my list is getting smaller and it feels good. You should try it 🙂

    Love you.

  2. April 8, 2014 6:41 am

    Tell your bro to grab the book “Blue Fairways: Three Months, Sixty Courses, No Mulligans”.

    For three months, Charlie Slack (the author) lived every golfer’s secret dream: to stand on the first tee of a new course every morning, staring down a crisp green fairway… The sixty courses were visited by driving from New England southward, just like your brother will be doing.

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