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School’s (Never) Out

April 4, 2014

time to see closest spiral galaxyTime is a funny thing, and when so much of it gets behind you, events may appear further away than they really are. After all, time is relative. Being in school is in my distant past, but the lessons are right here with me now. As ideas tumbled in my mind for this post, of course I went to the music black hole and found the Top 10 School Songs That Rock. The #1 song on that list and the partial title of this post has been an anthem for kids since the mid 70’s, but for me, the brick, old hardwood halls, and dusty blackboards may be gone, but the learning lives on. “Cosmos” is my current favorite (and only) show (besides Bruins hockey). This week I learned that because of their vast distance and the years it takes for their light to reach us, some of the stars we see in the sky may no longer exist. We’re just seeing their light from sometime in the past. Hell, the sun… What you’re seeing in our sky is its light from 8 minutes ago… Like Cark Sagan before him, Neil deGrasse Tyson is an engaging teacher.

Teachers 600x315Do you have an engaging teacher from your past that provided advice that’s helped you in your career? This week, Kronos announced the “Thanks to a Teacher” contest “through which U.S.-based adults can share the best advice they received from a K-12 teacher.” One winner will be selected, and “Kronos will award $10,000 to the school where the nominated teacher currently works or previously worked.” Here are the official rules. I’m not eligible, and neither is this guy who gave me great advice, but if I could submit one of my teachers, it would be Ms. Robertson.

Our time in school may have been long ago, but the influence of our teachers is enduring, their light still shining on us long after they’re gone.

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