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Hey Kronos, where’s my Workforce Central update?

April 2, 2014

30-lg-g2-update-android-kit-kat-scheduled-march-next-yearIn the iPhone versus Android debate, I fall into the latter geek category. My geek-cred is further enhanced because I’m one of those guys who breathlessly waits for the latest version of the phones operating system. This time, I’m hungered for “Kit-Kat,” but in the past I’ve patiently waited for “Gingerbread,” “Ice Cream Sandwich,” and “Jelly Bean.” Most people don’t care, nor do they even know what version they’re on. I do. Therefore I waaaaait for my bad-boy LG G2 to be covered in chocolate goodness…



WFC EvolutionI wonder if it’s the same for Workforce Central customers? If I were to ask, would they know whether they’re using version 4.3, 5.2, 6.3 or our latest, Workforce Central 7? While I lust for all the new features and performance enhancements a new phone O/S will bring, Kronos delivers the same benefits with each release. Here’s an updated feature introduction chart (pictured right), which is a distant relative to the original I created long, long ago… Anyway, there are loads of new features in our Workforce Central suite, and performance enhancements including optimization for deploying in the Kronos Cloud. The best news of all is that unlike me, you don’t have to wait. Whenever you’re ready, check our Upgrade Central on the customer portal (log-in required) you’ll soon be covered in chocolate… No. Wait. That’s the phone. Sorry.

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