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Kronos Announces Workforce HOME!

April 1, 2014

Workforce Home for DummiesIt hasn’t been easy keeping this one quiet. Over the past 6 months, I’ve been one of a select few Kronos employees beta-testing our first Business to Consumer (B2C) product, Workforce HOME. Like all Kronos products, it’s highly configurable, but instead of keeping track of the time, schedules and activities of your workforce, Workforce HOME does it for your family. It’s Homelife innovation… that works! Workforce HOME is deployed via the cloud (natch), “home-configurable,” and highly intuitive, so there’s no need for services or training, but don’t worry, since it’s a B2C product, our Educational Services team has created a manual (free with KnowledgePass – otherwise $19.99) just in case you or your family need a little extra help.

As a beta-tester, I’ve been able to do virtually whatever I want with the product. Seriously, the only thing I really wanted it to do was schedule time for me (the man) in my man-cave. Using simple point and click selections, I integrated the Boston Bruins TV schedule via my SmartTV with Workforce HOME. That way, whenever my boys are on, the TV is locked on hockey, and my granddaughter either watches it with her grandfather like she should, or she watches “My Little Pony” on “my little TV” in the living room… She only cried the first couple of times. Change is hard, and implementing a home-wide software solution can be disruptive. That’s why we also offer user adoption services to work with your little ones in managing that change.

Here are some of the other cool things I’ve been able to automate with Workforce HOME:

  • Scheduling the bathroom on school days with multiple female users – simply pick the sex of each family member, and the system makes the time adjustments for you!
  • Automatic mobile alerts to pick up granddaughter – Daughter wants to have a drink with the girls after work? No problem. I get an automated mobile alert to leave work early to pick up my granddaughter.
  • Bank debit feature – Daughter needs “a loan,” now she doesn’t even have to ask. She can just take it from my checking account (up to a pre-configured weekly limit, of course.)
  • Integration with online shopping – I like to call this “Daddy’s Little Helper.” You simply set thresholds in the system for things like “tasks missed,” “pickup overages” or “overdrawn accounts.” Workforce HOME integrates with many online shopping services to make sure I have a bottle of Pinot Noir or some cold ones when I get home. That alone is worth the price of Workforce HOME!
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