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KronosLIVE will ROCK YOU!

March 28, 2014

If you’d like to skip my personal music intro, please feel free to read this press release.

freddieYesterday Steve asked me what my next musically themed blog was going to be. We were in line at the sandwich counter. Steve’s an IT guy who knows all the ins and outs of SEO, SEM, and EIEIO. He’s also way into zombies, but that’s not important right now. Steve proudly told me how he provides musical balance to his kids with “good music” to neutralize the “crap” they’re fed by their mother on some “pop” station. I told Steve about a meme I saw illustrating this musical dichotomy. Still, sometime during the conversation it occurred to me that I really have no idea what’s going on in music today. The last show I went to was the Rolling Stones in June, and the only ones that even grab my attention are from the late 90’s alt-country micro-era, or the “classic rock” – is it ever going to end – era, but I’ve seen them all… KISS and Def Leppard? Queen with Adam Lambert? Nope. I’ll have to be satisfied with having seen Queen twice with their original singer… Freddie something. Wrote Bo Rap. Anyway, I DO NOT want to become classic rock guy. Here’s why:

AARP Presents The Moody Blues!

I kid you not. That’s a real tour. I guess I shouldn’t have torn up that AARP card…

KLIVE-2014Anyway, I’m not sure if I’ll be participating this concert season, but my kids will. They’re headed to see Miley Wednesday night in Boston. When I say that to people, some look at me like I’m a bad father. Hey, speaking of world tours, Kronos is hitting the road across multiple time zones and languages! Starting in Toronto next week, KronosLIVE will rock the world in cities such as Atlanta, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, London, Mexico City, Montreal, Mumbai, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Shanghai, and Vancouver! All Kronos LIVE events are free, and twerking is not required…


KronosLIVE U.S.

KronosLIVE Canada


KronosLIVE China

KronosLIVE Mexico.

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