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SaaS Flame Wars?

March 27, 2014

flame warIf you read about social media best practices, you’ll learn that you’re better off engaging in online conversations versus simply flooding channels with self-serving messages. I believe that’s true, but online discourse can become contentious. That’s why I’m under a self-imposed “no politics” gag order on Facebook. Here’s a business example. In the LinkedIn Software as a Service (SaaS) Group, there’s a current thread titled, Why Do Customers Buy SaaS? One contributor wrote, “The simple fact is that the SaaS model allows for faster development and deployment cycles than any other model and SaaS companies are out innovating vendors of installed solutions or vendors that have to support both business models.”

Simple Fact? I love it when someone presents their opinion as fact, so I jumped in:

“Full disclosure – I work for Kronos. We have 2 primary workforce management product lines, Workforce Central (on-premise or in our cloud) and Workforce Ready (SaaS). To state that SaaS companies are “out innovating” others is opinion, right? Especially since “innovation” runs across a wide spectrum of a product and service experience, not just the deployment model.”

I’m not going to further fan the flames in that group discussion. Yes, SaaS vendors are innovating, but so are the so-called “dinosaurs.” Kronos is innovating in the cloud, with mobile apps, workforce analytics, and social collaboration. Not to mention our workforce management functionality is second to none. My point is there’s much more to innovation than just SaaS.


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