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Moving on up (to the cloud)

March 25, 2014

moving to cloudRecently I read in Infoworld that Healthcare spending on cloud computing will quadruple over the next four years to around $6.5 Billion. We’re seeing more of our healthcare customers move their existing on-premise Kronos implementations to our private cloud. Three years ago, Research Director Judy Hanover studied Kronos healthcare customers using the cloud, and in an IDC Health Insights paper, she cited the factors and benefits that were driving demand in Healthcare for workforce management cloud services. The demand isn’t much different than in other industries. Organizations want to focus their internal IT resources on systems that create competitive advantage for them. In Healthcare, those are the clinical systems that help hospital staff deliver the best possible patient care. But… Since Kronos systems help over 350 hospitals schedule staff for optimal patient care, isn’t that a clinical system? Yes. Sort of. So then why put it in the cloud? The answer is so they can focus on using the system functionality to its fullest potential, and not worry about the servers, database, configuration, and other IT maintenance functions.

We’re seeing this acceleration of former on-premise customers to the Kronos cloud across all of our industries. A couple weeks ago, I listed five of ten that migrated to the cloud. Since then, there’s been a baker’s dozen more, including five more from Healthcare. I think some of these predictions may be right…

Customer Business Industry Employees Type Go-Live
Information technology (IT) Retail 1,700 Upgrade 3/12/2014
Long Term Care Healthcare (LTC) 3,000 Upgrade 3/13/2014
Long Term Care Healthcare (LTC) 1,200 Upgrade 3/13/2014
Cardiovascular services Healthcare 900 Upgrade 3/13/2014
Lumber Manufacturing 800 Upgrade 3/16/2014
Paper and packaging Manufacturing 1,800 Upgrade 3/17/2014
Dairy Manufacturing 500 Upgrade 3/18/2014
Travel Services Services & Distribution (S&D) 6,500 Upgrade 3/21/2014
Long Term Care Healthcare 1,700 Upgrade 3/23/2014
Home and commercial services S&D 11,000 Upgrade 3/24/2014
Facility services S&D 3,000 Upgrade 3/25/2014
Restaurants Hospitality 400 Upgrade 3/25/2014
Hospital Healthcare 1,200 Upgrade 3/26/2014
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