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Scotty, beam me more headcount

March 19, 2014

20140319-104836.jpgI’m at the IDC Directions conference in Boston today. I attend these tech conferences on behalf of my employer, but part of what I’m looking for is “what’s in it for me?” An early slide showed this image of a smart contact lens. That’s it! I can wear Google Glass incognito so I won’t look like a Glasshole. I’m not sure why I’m concerned. I wore a dorky bluetooth earpiece 10 years ago… Maybe it was earlier. The years are moving pretty fast. Anyway, Chief Analyst Frank Gens is opening the day with “the 3rd platform,” a rebranding/evolution of their “Nexus of Forces” theme from last year. Maybe it was the year before. The years are moving pretty fast.

The NoF and 3rdP are both comprised of 4 elements:


20140319-104945.jpgHo hum. Last year I wrote about how Kronos is active in all of these, some more than others. My focus today will be on the last one, social business. That’s where there’s the most opportunity… for me. As Mr. Gens concluded, he gazed out to the “4th platform,” a place where everything we’ve digitized over the past 50 years is reconstituted into cognitive systems (artificial intelligence), robotics, and synthetics, from 3D printing to biology products. Whoa. Have you noticed who’s buying up lots of IP and smart, creative people in the first 2 categories? Google. Frank Gens ended his opening keynote saying something like, “while most companies are scrambling to compete on the 3rd platform, Google is staking its claim on the 4th.”

Hmmm… Better get on that. The years are moving pretty fast.

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