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Dealing with TMI

March 13, 2014

TMITMI” is a cute acronym used as a defensive tactic when a friend or acquaintance shares information of an overly personal nature that makes the recipient uncomfortable. Often the over-sharer takes great joy in dispensing said information, usually about some physiological feat, and the communication is sometimes accompanied by giggles, snorts, or chuckles. That’s not the TMI I’m writing about…

The Forbes article Do You Read Fast Enough To Be Successful? provides a good summary of all the words flying at us in a given week via email, the web, magazines, etc, and most of us do it at a lowly 300 words per minute. At that pace, we can’t keep up, never mind get ahead. There’s so much to learn. So much to know.

Have you heard about Spritz? Well here it is, thanks to a cool animated gif from the boys and girls at demonstrating Spritz at 400wpm.


I love it and I want it. The folks at Spritz are close to releasing a Software Developers Kit (SDK) to allow their technology to be integrated in smart phones, tablets, smart watches, and other devices that you read from. Spritz allows you to increase your reading speed up to 500, or even 1,000 words per minute! It’s not the first speed-reading technology, and there are doubters, but Spritz claims to have some real differentiators. If you want to check out similar speed-reading technology, I’m trying Spreed for the Chrome browser (which you could try to read this blog), A Faster Reader for Android, and Velocity for iOS.

Imagine… Increasing your ability to consume text at 2 to 4 times your ability today would be a huge leap forward in your productivity and education…

Speaking of education, maybe someday KnowledgePass will have Spritz… I wonder how long it would take to read the thousands of words there? Talk about a huge leap forward in your productivity…

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  1. Ali Sherlock permalink
    March 26, 2014 11:05 am

    Wow finally got around to reading this blog and wish I had earlier I have installed Spreed and it worked well for your blog. I will be testing it to see how much longer it takes to read things. Would be great to have it on email as well!


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