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Fully-Integrated HRMS and the detached garage

March 6, 2014

Ed WegrynToday’s guest post is by Ed Wegryn, FPC, PMP – HRMS Industry Principal at Kronos (and Cleveland Indians fan). Ed has twenty-five years of diverse experience in ERP, HCM and Workforce Management software, sales and consulting as a Director, Managing Partner, VP, CFO, Controller, and Project Manager.

Walking to the Barn in a Snowstorm by Mary Louise Ryan

If you’re fortunate enough to have a garage, is it detached from your home? I had a detached garage, and as I trudged many a cold morning or night through grassy puddles or snow, I longed for the attached version. It reminds me of having disparate systems and multiple vendors for HR, Benefits, Talent, Self-Service, Payroll and Timekeeping. Just like the attached garage… Integrated, unified, easier, faster, efficient, protection, low risk, one.

By adding Kronos Workforce HR™, and Workforce Payroll™ to your existing Kronos Workforce Timekeeper™ system you and your cross-functional users will achieve the same feeling — togetherness with single point of entry for employee data and one source of the truth from one solution provider. Here are the practical benefits of adding HR & Payroll to your Kronos Workforce Central suite:

With integrated HR, Payroll and timekeeping in Workforce Central, adding a new hire instantly onboards that person throughout your organization. The new hire’s schedule, hours, pay scale, position, health & welfare benefits, leave, PTO, deductions, adjustments, taxation, reportable compliance information and other data become part of a single, comprehensive universe of workforce management information critical to managing the employee lifecycle by various users — from line supervisors and financial analysts to HR staff and the individual employee. That means HR can spend less time on administrative tasks, and focus on strategic initiatives.

Employee data is interdependent. Mistakes, delays, misinformation, and confusion occur when data is in multiple systems and databases rather than in one platform. All workforce management data resides in Workforce Central’s single database. This means your data is accessible to Kronos payroll, HR, time and attendance, self-service, open enrollment and other functions without additional interfaces, manual, scripts, or links.

What have other Kronos customers gained by adding Workforce HR™ and Workforce Payroll™ and having employee data all in one place? Greater employee engagement, fewer employee & manager inquiries, real-time data for in-the-moment decisions, more efficient benefit enrollment and payroll processes, speedy accurate compliance reporting, less paper, less dual entry, less support, more togetherness.

As you think about adding HR & Payroll modules to Workforce Central, also consider moving your Workforce Central Solution to the Kronos Cloud. That takes the mundane operational pressures off your HR and IT pros. It’s like we build and maintain the garage – and keep it clean! Kronos provides the infrastructure, maintains it, and keeps your Kronos applications up to date. All you have to do is pull into the garage… and your home, safe and dry!

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