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Trains, planes, automobiles, and the cloud…

March 5, 2014

Cloud I Meteoros by artists Lucy and Jorge Orta of Studio Orta, a firm based in Paris, France

Last night (Play)Joyce and I were guests of friends for the Bruins game in Boston. When she told me, my first instinct wasn’t how cool it would be to see our friends and sit twenty feet from center ice, but rather the aggravation of fighting rush-hour traffic and stressing during it about whether we’d arrive in time to meet our friends with the tickets… Perhaps out of desperation, my mind went downbound to the train. Yeah, there’s a commuter rail stop about 2 miles from my office that stops 2 escalators from Boston Garden. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve constructed the table below to give you the car v. train comparison.

As we got close to home after a wonderful night, I asked (Play)Joyce if she’d write today’s post for me. “I’ve got nothing” was my pathetic plea. She thought a bit, then replied, “Maybe you could write about what a great experience the train was, and how it was so easy… you know, like the cloud.”

My poor girl. She hears way too much about the cloud…

Car Train Cloud
Cost $7.34 gas, plus
$30 – $50 for parking
$32 RT fare for 2, plus $4 for parking A wash to slightly
more expensive
than on-premise.
Time 90-180 minutes RT, depending on traffic 70 minutes RT How much is
your time worth?
Labor Me – Driving Me – shoulder being a pillow for (Play)Joyce “resting her eyes.” What could your IT staff be doing instead of maintaining software?
Eco 1/5 the energy consumption of a car per passenger A cloud datacenter is very likely more
efficient than yours.
Security  26 times safer than travel by automobile A cloud datacenter security is very likely better than yours.
Convenience Train platform was 50 feet from parking spot All you have to do is
use the software.
Leave the driving to professionals who drive the same road 24/7.
Aggravation See “traffic” and “parking” above Had to sit with our
backs facing forward
on the return trip
Your Service Level Agreement (and potential penalties
to the vendor)
help to minimize it.
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  1. Ron permalink
    March 6, 2014 9:58 am

    GREAT POST ! Send it to the Globe!

    Add Weather to your chart!

    Cool Picture!



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