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Workforce Central 7 with “Her!”

March 3, 2014

txtLast night I missed when “Frozen” won the best animated film award. I was watching the Bruins… Priorities. Later I received this text from (Play)Joyce, commenting on what Robert DeNiro read while introducing the best screenwriting nominees… I wonder who she was talking about? Anyway, speaking of “Frozen,” I scrambled for the remote and hit “Record” just in time to catch John Travolta introduce “Adele Dazeem.” Ugh. The guy is an actor, and he couldn’t get his one line right? My son is a huge Idina Menzel fan from her role as “Elphaba” in “Wicked,” and he won’t like that… Also in my text string is expressed satisfaction that Spike Jonze won the best original screenplay Oscar for “Her,” a film about a man falling in love with a “Siri”-like operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson. I’ve read several articles about the movie, including The Philosophy of ‘Her’ in the New York Times, but Why Her Will Dominate UI Design Even More Than Minority Report in Wired is much more relevant to this Kronos tech blog. It will be interesting to see how tech providers use the vision of “Her” to improve the user experience with software.

workforce-collaborationSo, no, Workforce Central 7 does not have artificial intelligence (AI) or the purring voice of Ms. Johansson. Not yet, anyway, but the latest version, 7.0.2 includes Workforce Collaboration, an integrated social media environment where your employees and teams can informally communicate, share information and best practices, build consensus, and even quickly resolve staffing challenges. It’s very cool. We use social technology internally, and it does make communication a little more fun and conversational than email. For more information on upgrading, Upgrade Central on the customer portal has what you need, including information on upgrading to the Kronos Private Cloud. To see how Workforce Collaboration can work in an organization, here’s a little film for you.

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