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Kronos in Rehab

February 25, 2014

Spaulding 4500She winced when I adjusted the hospital bed height, as if the millions of nerves running down her spine were electrified all at once. On Sunday, my brother, son and I were at the shiny, new rehabilitation hospital in Charlestown, MA to visit my mom. She’s there to get back on her feet after back-to-back back surgeries to repair a couple disk issues and treat the effects of scoliosis. Mom hurt her back lifting a patient while working as an RN over a decade ago. The new facility she’s in is beautiful, and she loves the staff, especially her nurses. While searching the halls for a pen to imprint ownership in a couple of books we brought, I ran into a dear old friend. It seems I see the 4500 Timekeeper every time I’m in a hospital. Actually, the odds are pretty good you’ll see some Kronos time clock during a hospital visit, since about 1,000 hospitals in the US are Kronos customers. Yeah, we know our way around a hospital.  In fact, a little research told me we serve 6 of the top 10 rehabilitation hospitals in the US. One of the reasons we’re in so many hospitals is that we excel at nurse scheduling, in part because we have over 20 RN’s on our professional services team, so when we’re working with a hospital staff to help them optimize their scheduling, our team understands the job they do.

I was really impressed with the facility and the staff. It was touching to see mom’s Somali nurse hold her hand while talking to her. It seems drugs aren’t the only way to mitigate pain. Given the quality of care witnessed at Spaulding, I’m looking forward to an optimized schedule for mom’s release.

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