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Winter or Workforce Management – “You’ve got to embrace it…”

February 18, 2014
harassed by paparazzi

(Play)Joyce and me being harassed by the local paparazzi…

Yesterday, (Play)Joyce and I got out for a little cross-country skiing, and as usual, the press and paparazzi were hounding us. Fortunately Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen lacked skis or snowshoes, so couldn’t accompany us into the idyllic, peaceful woods… About 20 minutes in, we saw a beaming woman standing on her skis aside the trail. As seems the custom, we smiled and said hello with a heartiness worthy of the environment. Then through her smile she said, “If you live in New England, you’ve got to embrace the winter!” What a perfect sentiment. Especially this winter.

The same can be said for technology. “If you have a <ERP, CRM, SFA, HRIS, smartphone, tablet, etc…> you’ve got to embrace it.” Most technology solutions developed for enterprises, Kronos included, are to help increase workforce productivity. How much any organization increases their productivity with that technology depends on how much their management and employees embrace it. Here are a few of the ways Kronos customers can “embrace it,” and increase the productivity gains from their Kronos investment:

  • Consider using the cloud so that Kronos can handle the data center and system management side of things while you simply focus on fully using your system.
  • Use Kronos experts to ensure your implementation or upgrade follows best practices learned from the thousands of customers who have implemented before you.
  • Have a change management plan ready to promote user adoption, and build enthusiasm in your workforce for the new (and better) way of working.
  • Train all of your users to fully use the system with instructor-led training and KnowledgePass™.
  • If you’re an existing customer, consider optimizing to make sure your system’s configuration (from a few years ago) reflects the workforce management business processes you use today.
  • Finally, consider expanding your solution to improve your workforce scheduling or to provide deeper insights to your operations with workforce analytics.

Or you can just sit in your office or on the couch and complain about the winter.

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