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Will you be my (brand) Valentine? Or not?

February 14, 2014

no valentines day cardI am one of those anti-Valentine’s guys, but not because I’m not able to show my love by engaging in the $17B Valentine’s Day industry. No, I just think that if you’re in a relationship, showing the love should be a 24x7x365 engagement, kind of like our Platinum support offering, but that’s not important right now… Well, actually, it is, because our support organization delivers outstanding customer support, and has won the Omega Management Group’s Northface Scoreboard Award for 13 years in a row for excellence in customer satisfaction! They show our customers the love!

Omega datasheetAll of our services teams strive to deliver the experience our customers expect, and we measure performance by asking our customers how we performed on implementations, training, support, and annually we send every customer a survey to ask them how they’re feeling about their relationship with us. We call that one “the relationship survey.” Yeah, pretty clever.

Surveys are an important way we gain insights from our customers regarding our products and services, and how we do business. Please, please, I beg you on this Valentine’s Day to complete these surveys when you receive them. Hey, don’t just take it from me. Listen to our CEO, Aron Ain on our customer portal, tell Kronos customers about our commitment to listen, learn and improve our solutions based on what we hear from you!

So show us a little love. Or not if we aren’t deserving.

Oh, and if you’re having any java issues with your locked-down (not connected to the internet) workstations today, this post can help.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kronos lovers.

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