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Healthcare City

February 13, 2014

MGHPeople of every ethnicity, sex, shape and size swarmed at me, many were uniformed in Royal Blue, Hunter Green, or Burgundy. They were all on missions to get to the right place at the right time, and each avoided me as if I carried an opposing magnetic charge. The unsmiling darted from every direction, in and around the many civilians, and were fed by a series of random hallways, all connecting in the hub… the lobby of Massachusetts General Hospital. It really is like a city in a city, and I was stunned at the scope of it. A little mental math concluded that I was positioned in just one enormous hospital of many, in a city of many, in a state of many, and in a country of many, many more… You get the picture. On any given day, there are over 3.5 million admitted patients in US hospitals. Yeah, I did the math. It’s the US population divided by 112 admissions per 10,000 people. Yesterday, my mom was one of them.

I felt some pride knowing Kronos is the leader in helping hospitals manage their workforce so their employees can stay focused on patient care. We’ve implemented nearly 1,000 Workforce Central systems supporting 4.6 million employees in hospitals, with nearly 60 of them in our private cloud. While our products are healthcare-specific for things like advanced staffing, optimal scheduling, and healthcare workforce analytics, a big factor that sets Kronos apart is the healthcare experience of the team that implements these solutions. For one, we have 20+ RN’s on our professional services team, plus project managers and consultants with years of experience in healthcare. 765 years of it to be exact, but that’s just a compilation of the experience our team of 100+ has. 31 consultants on our team have over 10 years experience working with healthcare customers for Kronos! They’ve been in the swarm, they’re passionate about it, and they speak the language of those wearing the blue, the green, and the burgundy. That makes a huge difference when we’re working with those hospital professionals to implement our software, because we implement it to complement how they work. That helps make them more productive delivering quality care, and that makes a huge difference to millions of patients every day. Patients like my mom.

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