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See Me, Feel Me, Tweet Me, Heal Me

February 6, 2014

retweetAs a songwriter, I never realized what a futuristic visionary Pete Townshend was. Take the classic, “See Me, Feel Me” from the Who’s 1969 rock opera, “Tommy.” Pete envisioned the impact of Twitter before there even was an internet:

Following you, I climb the mountain
I get excitement at your tweet

Anyway, though I loathe (like this guy) self-promotion and self-promoters in the workplace, but I do quite a bit of it myself to promote this blog to amplify the Kronos story. Yeah, it’s all selfless. Plus, the annoying thing is when people spend the majority of their time self-promoting instead of actually producing anything worth promoting… Or something like that.

facebook movieTo build blog readership, a LinkedIn network, a Twitter following, or Facebook friends… I’ve got to work it, and ask you to “Like,” “Favorite,” “Share,” or “Re-tweet” my stuff. It gets addictive. Specifically, the affirmation element in social media can be addictive. Hey, everybody longs to be liked, whether an individual or a brand. Kronos has over 7,500 “Likes” on Facebook, and over 35,000 Twitter followers. That’s a lot of like, and while I won’t be doing a Facebook “movie” (even I have my limits), I admit, social media is good for my insecure soul. Unless of course, people don’t “Like” what I post, then my self-esteem begins to circle the drain until the “Re-tweets” fly in to pluck me from the whirlpool. Or something like that.


See Me
Tweet Me
Link Me…
Share Me

But only if it’s good stuff. If it’s crap, I hope you’ll tell me, but not via social media.

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