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What if you had to face “Media Day” at work…

January 29, 2014

media day 1There’s a football game in New Jersey this weekend, and yesterday was the day when most of the employees of each team had to sit in front of a forest of cameras and microphones while members of the media reigned down questions. Work questions. Personal questions. Questions challenging your character. Embarassing questions, and many, many stupid questions. What if you had to face them at work?

“Hey, there’s a story out there that Kronos lost the Engulf and Devour implementation deal because you were late getting them a statement of work. Care to comment on that?”

“You were seen leaving work early, then spotted drinking wine with a former co-worker. How will that affect your ACA presentation today?”

“We hear you really don’t like Poindexter on the cloud team. Doesn’t that drag down the team?”

“Some of your teammates think your blogging makes you a self-promoting tool. Any comment?”

Wow! Can you believe that last question?  “Yeah, sure. Maybe it does. Next question?”

“How will the outcome of this game/campaign/deal/program/service/quarter/year impact your legacy?”

Well? We’re all waiting.

media day

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  1. January 30, 2014 8:39 am

    Nice Leo! I had to share this one.

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