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Untrained users won’t use your “intuitive” tech product

January 27, 2014

iPad trainingYesterday I took the family to mom’s for dinner. At some point the table conversation turned to books, and I asked the matriarch if she’d received and read the most recent novel by Khaled Hosseini that I’d sent her. Her response was a mix of “I’m not sure,” and “I don’t know how to use that thing.” That “thing” is the iPad mini I gave her for her birthday… last May. Mom’s not having a very good experience with her technology, because she hasn’t received adequate training on how to use it. If she’s not comfortable using it, she’s not going to. Daughter Megan (matriarch in waiting) took the thing, and gave her grandmother a few lessons.

My mom is a smart lady, but “that thing,” regardless how the marketing tells us how “intuitive” it is, isn’t. It got me thinking about Nowhere on that site does it say “SHOW ME HOW TO USE THIS THING.” It should. For my mom, and millions of non-techie people like her.

KnowledgePass 7.0.2Apple isn’t the only company touting simplicity and “intuitiveness.” The webpage for our Workforce Central 7 uses some of the same positioning, but it’s very robust software that solves complex business problems. That’s why we have KnowledgePass for refresher training, onboarding new hires, and general continuing education on Kronos products. And now, it’s available directly from the Workforce Central application, beginning with service packs v6.3.10 and v7.0.2! Yep, the new KnowledgePass plug-in displays a link to KnowledgePass right in the Workforce Central Navigator!

Now I need to figure out how to get Mom more training on her iPad…

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