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Weekend (Kronos) Update

January 24, 2014

Free-BiebsIn our top stories, first of all, I don’t know how anyone expects me to be productive while poor Biebs is being persecuted in Miami, but the show must go on.

In business news, tech industry bellweathers Microsoft and IBM reported earnings to the street this week. “Big Blue” missed pretty badly, but Microsoft surprised analysts with a strong quarter. The general consensus is that both firms are being significantly impacted by something this intrepid fake reporter has been harping on since I started this blog… That’s right: cloud computing.

Storm KronosSpeaking of cloud, it’s time for the weather, and a storm called Kronos is raging across the mid-South US. Of course, my co-workers are having a ball with this weather news. Well, except those living in the affected areas of Texas and Louisiana where temperatures are in the… 30’s. Whoa, that’s cold… TK Storm KronosSince guest blogging about Storm Kronos a month ago, our head of Kronos training (and a bunch of other stuff), Tommy Kimmel is enjoying some Google Image fame. I’m looking forward to seeing him on “Oprah.” In other weather news, it’s currently 4 degrees where I’m sitting, but it feels -5.

In Sports, officials in New Jersey have contingency plans to move the, uh, big game on Sunday, February 2nd in case it’s, you know, winter. I hope this doesn’t upset the travel plans of the Kronos customer and guest that we’re sending. That’s right! It’s all part of a promotional program for… you guessed it. Kronos Cloud Services!

Hey, I have to run. I’ve got a concall. If you haven’t seen this, and you attend conference calls, take the 4 minutes. It’s pretty funny.

Anyway, that’s the news, good morning and have a pleasant today!

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