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“What kind of training, son?”

January 23, 2014

Army Training SirStripes” is one of those early post-SNL films when Bill Murray was typecast into some cross between Todd, the nerd, and Nick, the Lounge Singer. It’s a pretty funny film, but wouldn’t it have been incredibly not funny if Murray and his crew of misfit soldiers responded to the General:

“Army integrated capability development, Sir!”

I don’t care for business clichés, and I’m no fan of jargon, either, so please digitally slap me whenever I use them. Thanks.

It’s training. “Army training, Sir!”

I ran into the term integrated capability development while researching the first question in yesterdays Kronos tweetchat:

Kronos Tweetchat Q1

The author of the term is clearly a smart guy, and his other 2014 HR predictions are very insightful, and worthy of your eyes. Actually, I’m completely aligned with him on the need for continuing education, it’s just the buzzwords I bicker with.

Anyway, minor rant over. It’s training.

I do believe the lack of sufficient training, along with the absence of a change management effort, are two primary causes of enterprise software delivering far less value to organizations that it should. At Kronos, we provide comprehensive integrated capability development, uh training (and change management to get users more engaged with the new software and processes) for customers in several formats:

  • Instructor-Led
    • Virtual Classroom
    • Traditional Classroom
    • Private Courses
    • Train the Trainer
  • KnowledgePass (eLearning for continuous education, on-boarding, and refresher training)

We can also customize training content so that students learn within the context of their system, and not on a generic version. Finally, for customers with an existing Learning Management System, KnowledgePass LMS provides KnowledgePass tutorials and hands-on simulations for import into your Learning Management System (LMS).

I guess we could call that an integrated capability development

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  1. Sarah T permalink
    January 23, 2014 4:50 pm

    I like to consider myself an “improver of performance” for our customers using Workforce Timekeeper or Scheduler. Just a fancy title for Trainer 🙂


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