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#Houston, We Solved a Problem

January 22, 2014

tweetchatWith all this talk of “Polar Vortexes” and “Snowpocalypse,” we in the Northeast overreact a bit to a forecast of snow. Last night’s forecast of 4-8” with flying monkeys here in Central Massachusetts turned out to be hardly a dusting… Anyway, I’ve got to get ready for today’s “Tweetchat” hosted by (Work)Joyce’s Workforce Institute. The furious twittering begins at high noon ET today, and the topics include #bigdata, #socialmedia, #mobile, #ACA, #cloud, & more! Tweet chats are fun, informative, and you can play! You just need a Twitter account; the hashtag to follow is #kronoschat, and the best way to participate is to use Tweetchat:

  • Sign in using your twitter credentials to authorize the app
  • Enter hashtag: #kronoschat
  • The tool will display all tweets using that hashtag in real-time. The tool conveniently filters out the noise from your twitter home feed and focuses solely on the tweet chat.
  • You can tweet directly from tweetchat, which will automatically include the hashtag for you.

Oh, the #Houston thing… Remember my post, “5,800 people with guns line up outside my office?” No? OK, well there it is. It featured Don Pagel, the deputy director to the office of the mayor at the City of Houston. At KronosWorks, Don sat down with us to share his experience using the Kronos cloud. Here are 60 seconds of the highlights…

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