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Super Jersey Weather (with a good chance of cloud)!

January 9, 2014

cloud playbookI don’t want to get anyone in trouble, most of all me, for violating any sort of trademark or copyright, so there’ll be no unauthorized use of such protected terms here. Anyway, I’m just here to talk about the weather in New Jersey on February 2nd, just in case you’re planning to be outside. My meteorological research tells me the average high for the day is 39°F, and the low 20°F. The record high and low is 66°F (1989), and -8°F (1961) respectively. Alternatively, some almanac farmer’s use indicates a possible “super cold and super messy” day, with a big storm due Feb. 1 to 3… Wow. I hope that doesn’t mess with the travel plans of the lucky customer we’re sending to the big city January 30th through February 3rd! Coincidentally, there’s also some big football game in the area that weekend, so that could mess with getting around town…

Speaking of football, we’re using the “football play book” metaphor for a cool guide to our cloud services. It’s got a football, X’s and O’s, and was beautifully done by our creative team. We’re sending it to hundreds of our Workforce Central customers, and one lucky winner will get that cool trip to Gotham City! Here’s what’s in the Cloud Game Plan Playbook:

The big game in New Jersey… That’s cool. It won’t take too long to get there from New England.

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